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Wyldheart & Wright

Art That Transcends Boundaries

We are Claire Wyldheart and Will Wright, two artists who have always had a passion for creating. Our artistic journey has been a lifelong exploration of the inner workings of our creative consciousness. From small sketches to large-scale projects, our work is a highly personal reflection of our inner selves and the way we view the world.

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As artists and publishers, our focus is to bring art to the world in fresh, unique and inspiring ways. We are committed to creating art that not only tantalizes your senses but also challenges your thinking. Our pieces often mix ancient symbolism with cutting edge techniques, creating pieces that are both timeless and modern. Art Toys, Doll Photography, Stencil Art, Toy Art, Folk Graff and all our other works are our love letters to art and our way of contributing to this ever-evolving world.

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Journey to Hyperspace

Journey to Hyperspace is a recent project that showcases contemporary visionary art depicting the flight of the shaman’s soul across mythological realms. Inspired by visual effects from films such as Fantastic Voyage, Star Wars, and Innerspace, the artists Wyldheart & Wright used scale models and photographic techniques to create cinematic frames from non-existent fantastical movies, capturing their personal experiences and exploration of alternate dimensions.


Odyssey is an immersive and enlightening project that showcases Claire Wyldheart's visionary journeys through a series of custom dolls and toys. Inspired by shamanic travels, this artwork offers a glimpse into the artist's encounters and experiences, providing a unique and insightful exploration of the concept of an extended adventurous voyage or trip. Through Odyssey, viewers can gain knowledge and understanding of the transformative power of soul flights and spiritual explorations.