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Grow (Goddess Tefnut) toy art print

Grow (Goddess Tefnut) toy art print

Introducing "Grow (Goddess Tefnut)," a captivating limited edition toy art print by visionary artist Claire Wyldheart. This shamanic trance-inspired artwork features a custom Barbie doll adorned with the head of the Egyptian goddess Tefnut, beautifully captured through the lens of Will Wright's photography. With only eleven prints available, each one is hand stenciled with lettering in a rave flyer style, adding a unique touch to this mystical deity portrayal. The positive message and mesmerizing imagery make this contemporary art print a must-have for any art enthusiast looking to add a touch of ancient mythology and visionary art to their collection.




Giclee print on 100% cotton 300gsm paper hand stencilled with hand finished Molotov metallic spray paint


42cm x 59.4cm (Image) 78cm x 61cm sheet


Limted edition of 11, signed by both artists, numbered and blind stamped



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