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Wyrd (issue 4) occult art zine

Wyrd (issue 4) occult art zine

Introducing Wyrd (issue 4), a captivating A5 occult art zine featuring 76 pages of full color printing on recycled silk paper, perfect bound for a premium feel. This high-end publication delves into the realms of contemporary shamanism, occult, and high strangeness, exploring the mysteries of the universe and beyond. Please note, Wyrd (issue 4) contains mature content, including discussions on sexuality and Seidh trance, as well as deep dives into the life of a sacred smith and MIMIR as Neanderthal. Originally published in midsummer 2024, this reprinted issue continues to push boundaries and shed light on the esoteric and obscure. Get your hands on Wyrd (issue 4) and embark on a journey into the unknown.




MIMIR by Will Wright. Explores the relationship between Jotun and Neanderthals


Becoming a Sacred Smith by Magnus Stokoe. Sharing his spiritual practice surrounding smithing and jewellery making.


Seidh: Freya's secret by Wyldheart & Wright. Looking at the role of female orgasm and trance work. Illustrated by Brad Robert Benford.


Trance Visions by Claire Wyldheart. The mushroom god appears.


Mr Punch & Friends


The Lucky Star: Claire Wyldheart. A psychedelic space adventure with Teddy Blue the cat.


Wyrd basics: Love

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