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Wyrd (issue 1) occult art zine

Wyrd (issue 1) occult art zine

Wyrd Zine Issue 1 is an A5 occult art zine filled with 52 pages of captivating content exploring contemporary shamanism, occult practices, and high strangeness. Perfect bound and printed on recycled silk paper, this zine is not only a stimulating read but environmentally conscious as well. From thought-provoking articles to stunning artwork, Wyrd Zine Issue 1 offers a unique insight into the mystical and unexplained. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or simply curious about the unknown, this zine is a must-have addition to your collection. Keep an eye out for the reprinted edition coming Midsummer 2024!




Wyrd - insight into contemporary shamanism


Handrunes - an Elder Futhark rune technique using your digits 

Yggdrasil: The Universe Inside- exploring modern visionary art of the world tree


Mr Punch - toy photography of the Lord of Misrule


Trance Visions - exclusive art and insight into a modern Seidh practice


Banishings and the Northern Perspective  - use of this ritual within the Northern Mysteries


Wyrd Basics - a guide to meditation

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