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Love (Cosmic Goddess) toy art print

Love (Cosmic Goddess) toy art print

Introducing Love (Cosmic Goddess), a limited edition toy art print capturing the essence of a hyper-dimensional being that embodies love and the supreme feminine principle. This visionary art piece features a custom Barbie doll with hand-stenciled lettering, showcasing an epic and surreal design with a rave flyer style. Created by contemporary artist Claire Wyldheart in collboration with Will Wright, this print is a record of surreal encounters from shamanic trance, making it a truly unique addition to any art collection. With only 11 editions available, this cosmic goddess print is a must-have for lovers of contemporary art and visionary storytelling.




Giclee print on 100% cotton 300gsm paper hand stencilled with hand finished Molotov metallic spray paint


42cm x 59.4cm (Image) 78cm x 61cm sheet


Limted edition of 11, signed by both artists, numbered and blind stamped



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