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Wyrd (issue 6) occult art zine

Wyrd (issue 6) occult art zine

Introducing Wyrd issue 6, a beautifully crafted A5 occult art zine with 92 pages of captivating content. Perfectly bound and printed in full colour on recycled paper, this issue is not only a pleasure to read but also environmentally friendly. The first of two issues covering Middle Earth or Midgard, the trunk of the world tree, this edition features intriguing topics such as haunted churches, custom doll visionary art, toy art tarot, shamanic drumming, and much more. Set to be released Midsummer 2024, Wyrd issue 6 is a must-have for anyone with an interest in alternative and esoteric art and culture.




Haunting of St. Peter’s Church by Will Wright
Will reveals his ghostly encounter and the lesson learnt from it

Toy Tarot by The Cameron Twins.
Rising contemporary artists, The Cameron Twins talk about their ideas behind these toy art creations.

Drumming (part two) by Paul Badger
Paul further explains his magickal practice including his land protecting activities.

Middle Earth (part one) by Wyldheart & Wright
On how walking the land became the most supportive and spirituality fulfilling practice whilst homeless.

Atavism Idols by Brooke Welty
American artist Brooke delves into her issues surrounding her connection with ancestors.

Trance Visions by Claire Wyldheart
Claire unpacks another trance encounter into art and words.

Mr Punch & Friends by Wyldheart & Wright
The further adventures of the Lord of Misrule doll photography

Journey to Hyperspace by Wyldheart & Wright
The art partners talk about their sci-fi take on visionary art

Wyrd Basics: Tarot

A foundational article on the divinatory use of tarot cards

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