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Wyrd (issue 3) occult art zine

Wyrd (issue 3) occult art zine

Wyrd (issue 3) is a beautifully crafted A5 occult art zine that spans 68 pages of thought-provoking content. Featuring full color printing on recycled silk paper, this perfect bound magazine is a must-have for anyone interested in contemporary shamanism, occult studies, and high strangeness. With topics ranging from shamanic boundaries and the Elder Futhark to Anglo Saxon gods as post apocalyptic art toys, Wyrd (issue 3) offers a unique perspective on the spiritual and the supernatural. Also included is a custom Barbie of the goddess Hel, adding a touch of creativity and whimsy to this intriguing publication. Don't miss out on this reprinted edition, available midsummer 2024.


Contents -


Will Wright - Inside Out: delving into the concept of boundaries, shamanism and the Elder Futhark. Illustrated by Brad Robert Benford


Magnus Stokoe - provides insight into his magickal practice over the last 18 months.


Will Wright - Talks about the meaning of his art toys the Grebo Gods, 21st century idolatry.


Claire Wyldheart - presents her doll photography of Hel and her encounter with the goddess.


Art by Christian Hauth


Mr Punch & Friends


Wyrd basics - Imagination as perception.

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