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Wyrd (issue 5) occult art zine

Wyrd (issue 5) occult art zine

Wyrd Issue 5 is a captivating A5 zine featuring 84 pages of thought-provoking content. With full color printing on recycled silk paper and perfect bound, every detail of this issue is a testament to quality craftsmanship. This issue delves into the world of contemporary shamanism, occult, and high strangeness, featuring articles and art that will transport readers to the Underworld and explore the roots of the world tree. From dragons as the veil of death in the Eddas to the practice of the shaman's drum and the transformative power of art as magick, Wyrd Issue 5 is a must-read for anyone interested in the mysteries of the unknown. Plus, with a reprint scheduled for midsummer 2024, there's no better time to add this remarkable zine to your collection.




Serpents & Dragons by Will Wright. Exploring the symbolism of the snake in the Eddas and its relationship with death anxiety.


Embracing Esotericism by Ellanor ‘Inkcapp’ Steadman. The artist and illustrator talks about her formative encounters with the occult and its influence on her work.


Drumming (part one) by Paul Badger. The land protecting Druid explains his spirit work using percussive instruments to enter trance whilst in the field.


Trance Visions by Claire Wyldheart. Winged mystical snakes and their link to life on Earth.


Mr Punch & Friends.


I am Piffy by Kim Piffy. Transformative contemporary art that embraces the psychedelic and occult.


Wyrd basics: Mental Health

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