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Bind Runes

The Bluetooth logo is a fine example of a bind rune, used as a signature, common among Anglo Saxon artisans.

Bind runes are a type of magick created using a combination of two runes to form a single symbol. The meaning of each rune unite to create a specific intent.

For my bind runes I use my own futhark font, designed to resist the connotations of the far right and 20th century distortions. My combinations of runes and colour create powerful designs that embody a 21st century aesthetic

This bind rune evokes Shielding, using a combination of Elhaz (Algiz) and Aethal (Odal).

Elhaz is often attributed the meaning of protection and evoked for this, whilst Aethal is connected to the boundaries of the homestead.

Tiw (Tir) and Mann (Mannaz) are combined in this bind rune to create Justice.

Tiw connotes Tiw (Tyr) the sky god, main deity of the Western Germanic peoples. The symbol of the upright arrow is evoked to call upon him. In folklore he loses his hand binding Fenris, the giant wolf, as an honourable act of courage and justice. Mann symbolises people, humankind, and their relations.

This bind rune is a combination of Gyfu (Gebo) and Wynn (Wunjo) and represents a loving relationship.

Gyfu means gift and we still use the cross as kisses in a greeting card or message. Whilst Wynn represent joy and happiness. Through a combination of these two runes we can ascribe the gift of love.

Here is a unique combination creating a bind rune that offers freedom using Thorn (Thurisaz) and Cen (Kenaz).

Thorn is linked to penetration, opening barriers and boundaries, whilst Cen is linked to fire and knowledge, where its light illuminates in darkness. Combined I create an intent of mental and physical freedom and liberty.

The final bind rune is made from Gera (Jera) and Daeg (Dagaz), both runes about the time, thus a symbol of progression.

Gera means year and follows the seasons involved with farming, the growth of crops and the time of harvest, whilst Daeg means day and refers to the cycles of the sun and moon. These runes to me represent the progress of time and positive aspects of this.

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